SkyLine Blast Chillers and Freezers


Product Features

• High resolution full touch screen interface (translated in more than 30 languages) – color-blind friendly panel.

• Blast Chilling cycle: 30 kg from +90°C up to + 3°C in less than 90 minutes.

• Blast Freezing cycle: 30 kg from 90ºC up to -18ºC in less than four hours.

• Chilling cycle (+10°C to -41°C) with automatic preset cycles:
– Soft chilling (air temperature 0°C), ideal for delicate food and small portions.
– Hard chilling (air temperature -20°C), ideal for solid food and whole pieces.


Supply voltage 380-415V / 3Nph / 50-60 Hz
Electrical power max 2.7 kW
Heating power 1 kW

Circuit breaker required


Drain line size 1″1/2


Clearance 5 cm on sides and back

Please see and follow detailed installation instructions provided with the unit

Refrigeration Data

Built-in Compressor and Refrigeration Unit

Refrigerant type R452A
Refrigeration power 2970 W
Refrigeration power at evaporation temperature -20 °C
Refrigerant weight 1150 g


Max load capacity 30 kg
Trays type 600×400; GN 1/1; Ice Cream

Key Information

Door hinges Right Side
External dimensions, Width 897 mm
External dimensions, Height 1060 mm
External dimensions, Depth 937 mm
Net Weight 175 kg
Shipping weight 205 kg
Shipping volume 1.28 m³

Product Information (Commission Regulation EU 2015/1095)

Energy consumption, cycle (chilling) 0.0921 kWh/kg
Chilling Cycle Time (+65°C to +10°C) 74 min
Full load capacity (chilling) 30 kg
Energy consumption, cycle (freezing) 0.2253 kWh/kg
Freezing Cycle Time (+65°C to -18°C) 264 min
Full load capacity (freezing) 30 kg

Test performed in a test room at 30°C to chill/ freeze (+10°C/-18°C) a full load of 40mm deep trays filled with mashed potatoes evenly distributed up to a height of 35 mm at starting temperature between 65° and 80°C within 120/270min.

Electrolux SkyLine ChillS Blast Chillers

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