Hood Type Dishwasher H-2

Ideal for:
• Medium and small hotels, coffee shops, chain restaurants and dining halls

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Characteristics and Advantages
• Worry-free operation independently from inlet water pressure and temperature thanks to atmospheric boiler
• Built-in rinse pump prevents water pressure fluctuation and stabilizes rinse water temperature for steady rinse effect
• Optimal rinsing performance guaranteed by diamond-shaped ceiling that guides water with detergent to drip along the side panels during rinsing phase
• Long Lasting operation thanks to all stainless steel construction
• Easy to clean with all internal components readily removable

Electric & Water

Power Requirement 400V / 50Hz / 3P
Tank Heater (kW) 3
Booster Heater (kW) 7kW*2
Wash Pump (kW) 0.735
Total Connection (kW) 18
Total Amps Required (A) 26
Cross Section of Cable 6
Incoming Water Temperature ℃ 10 – 60
Inlet Water Supply Pressure (bar/psi) 0.3 – 5

Technical Data

Heating Electricity
External dimension (mm) 756 x 835 x 1508
Clearance height (mm) 420
Max capacity (rack/hour) 60
Water consumption (liter/rack) 2.5
Wash tank capacity (L) 32
Boost capacity (L) 14
Wash Temperature (℃) 60 – 65
Rinse Temperature (℃) 82 – 90
Wash cycle (S) 60 / 90
Diameter of water iniet hose (In) ¾
Diameter of drain pipe (In) 1 ¼
Incoming water pressure (Kg/cm²) 0.3 – 5
Incoming water hardness (g/L) 0.034 – 0.103

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