Electrolux Rack Type Dishwasher

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Product Features

• Adjustable feet for full access underneath the machine for cleaning.

• Deep drawn pressed wash tank with fully rounded corners, sloped towards the drain to prevent dirt build up provides fast drainage in only a few minutes. Pressed wash tank with no welded points offer a guaranteed water tight solution.

• Large counter balanced inspection doors allow unrestricted all-round access to the wash and rinse area. Door is insulated with injected foam. This adds strength as well as reduces noise and heat loss.

• Self-draining wash pumps provide maximum hygiene and all wash and rinse zones drain automatically at the push of a button.


Supply voltage 380-415V / 3Nph / 50Hz
Default Installed Power 32.8 kW
Electrical power min 25.8 kW

When the machine runs at DIN 10510 compliant speed.

Energy consumption 27.9 kW/h

At average working conditions.

Pre-wash tank heating elements 14 kW
1st wash tank heating elements 14 kW
Triple tank heating elements 7 kW
Boiler heating elements 7 kW
Pre-wash pump size 1.5 kW
1st wash pump size 1.5 kW
Rinse pump size (final, duo, triple) 0.55 / 0.32 / 0.32 kW


Inlet water line size G 3/4″ / G 3/4″
Inlet cold water line size G 3/4″
Drain line size 50 mm
Inlet water supply pressure 1.5-7 bar
Inlet water supply temperature (wash) 5 – 65°C

The higher the temperature, the faster the warm-up. Recommended temperature: 50°C

Inlet water supply temperature (rinse and pre-wash) 5 – 30 °C
Inlet water supply hardness 0-14 °fH / 0-8°dH

When below 7°fH/4°dH special detergent and rinse aid are needed.

Peak rate of drain flow 1.8 l/s
Pre-wash tank size 70 l
1st wash tank size 70 l
Duo rinse tank size 20 l
Inlet water supply temperature (wash) 20 l
Flow rate of wash pump 500 l/h
Triple rinse tank size 20 l

Key Information

Rinse water consumption at max. speed (l/rack) 0.4
Rinse water consumption at max. speed (l/h) 100
Productivity per hour (slow speed) 150 Basket / 2700 dishes
Productivity per hour (2° speed) 168 racks / 3024 dishes
Productivity per hour (1° speed) 250 racks / 4500 dishes
Pre-wash temperature 0 °C
Duo rinse temperature 75 / 80 °C
Final rinse temperature 85 °C
Wash temperature 55 – 65 °C
Triple rinse temperature 70 – 75 °C
External dimensions, Width 2970 mm
External dimensions, Height 1785 mm
External dimensions, Depth 895 mm
Height with door open 2095 mm
Charging hole size (width) 530 mm
Charging hole size (height) 490 mm

For transportation purpose only, the depth can be reduced to 795mm by removing the control box and the door handles.

Net weight 553 kg
Shipping weight 640 kg
Shipping height 1970 mm
Shipping width 1040 mm
Shipping depth 3450 mm
Shipping volume 7.07 m³
Noise level <62 dBA
Reference norm used to measure the noise IEC60335-2-58 annex AA
Table to table distance 2970 mm

Air Emission

Air flow (entrance, exit) 0 / 145m³ / h
Air temperature (entrance, exit) 0 / 45 °C
Air humidity (entrance, exit) 0 / 100 % r.h.

The data is measured at exhaust points at 25°C and 60% r.h. ambient conditions, 18°C inlet water temperature and refer only to the machine.

Latent heat 6200 W
Sensible heat 5100 W

This model requires a ventilation hood. Please refer to the attached “Recommended Exhaust Hood Design”.

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