Electrolux Glasswashers & Undercounters

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Product Features

• Extra program to cold rinse beer and wine glasses providing sanitized glasses, cool enough to handle.

• Built-in rinse aid dispenser with automatic initial and continuous cycle loading for perfect result while minimizing service and maintenance needs.

• Unique temperature interlock guarantees required temperatures in both the wash and final rinse.

• Washing capacity of 40 baskets or 720 dishes per hour.


Supply voltage 380-415V / 3Nph / 50Hz
Convertible to 220-240V 1N; 220-240V 3; 230V 1N~; 230V 3~
Default Installed Power 6.85 kW
Tank heating elements 2 kW


Water supply temperature 10-50 °C
Drain line size 27mm
Inlet Water supply pressure 29 – 44 psi (2 – 3 bar)
Working cycles time (sec.) 90/120/240
Boiler Capacity (lt) 12
Tank Capacity (lt) 23
Water supply hardness (°fH / °dH) 7-14 / 4-8
Hot rinse cycle duration (sec.) 16
Min hot rinse water consumption (lt/cycle) 3
Cold rinse cycle water consumption 3 lt

Key Information

Baskets per hour 40
N° of working cycles – sec 3 (90/120/240)
Cell dimensions – width 500 mm
Cell dimensions – depth 500 mm
Cell dimensions – height 335 mm
Dishes per hour 720
Wash temperature 55-65°C
Rinse temperature 80-90 °C
External dimensions, Width 600 mm
External dimensions, Height 850 mm
External dimensions, Depth 612 mm
Shipping weight 71 kg
Shipping height 1000 mm
Shipping width 740 mm
Noise level 61 dBA

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