Drying Tunnel DE/ DS

Ideal for:
• Medium and larges hotels, guest houses, chain restaurants and dining halls

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Among the various tableware of different materials, stainless steel and melamine wares don’t keep heat well compared to glass and ceramic ones, resulting in long drying time and unsatisfactory hygiene. Therefore, drying tunnel is the best choice to guarantee disinfection and speed up turnover of tableware.

Characteristics and Advantages
• Tableware completely surrounded by forced circulation of high-speed hot air for rapid drying
• With 9kW efficient and 0.55kW fans
• Electricity and steam heating options

Technical Data

Model DE DS
Heating Electricity Steam
External dimension (mm) 900 x 713 x 2160 900 x 713 x 2160
Maximum height of drying (mm) 450 450
Drying heater (KW) 9
Total steam consumption 15
Fan power (kW) 0.55 0.55
Volume of hot air circulation (m³/h) 2900 2900
Total connected load (KW) 10 0.55

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