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Virtual games via microsoft teams.14 Virtual Games to Play on Microsoft Teams with Coworkers (2022)

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October 1st, am. Virtual teams can feel impersonal and secluded. But fun and engaging games can make them fun and joyous to work in. Whether you want to know your team members better, have some fun, improve team communications, or engage with each other, Microsoft Teams can help connect with the remote team in a more meaningful way. Microsoft Teams is one of the most used platforms for workplace communication. But now, with its newly launched Breakout Rooms, Microsoft Teams has opened up greater levels of experience when playing team building games.

First, you want to distribute the game boards to all team members on Microsoft Teams. Then decide if the game will apply for a single meeting or spread over several meetings.

The game requires the members to mark a square when they spot a behavior and state the name of the person who performed it. If your teammates are up for this high-energy game, but with a twist, check out the Bingo Challenge Show. One of the best and easiest ways to connect and engage with your team is by throwing a dance party. You can host this as a quick one-minute session during or in between long meetings.

Just turn on a song and get the participants moving to the beat. A fun and familiar game to most, Trivia is a sure game to get started with for your virtual team building.

Creating a quiz is easy with a platform such as Kahoot and works for any group size on Microsoft Teams. Once your quiz is created, all you need is to share the link with the participants. The trivia game can be time-based where players need to be in the breakout rooms simultaneously to play, or it can be completed by a certain future date.

Find out more about trivia games. This team-problem solving game provides a good mix of challenge and fun and will fit any team, regardless of the size. These problems may be just about anything; think of riddles, logical, visual challenges, and more.

Use the puzzle to have your team compete against each other and see who solves that tough problem first. Every team member will be amazed to participate in the playing of cards, numbers, colors, mind-reading, and see the impossible happen.

They might even learn a trick or two to amaze their friends and family. Find some of the best magic shows. In a minutes facilitated event, you get a fun experience of different games: RPG games, puzzles, escape rooms, storytelling, and word-building.

Contrary to what the name suggests, this is a creative game that tests effective communication. Begin by nominating a speaker who will use a random image generator to source a suitable image. Your colleagues are to describe this image in a way that the rest of the teammates called artists in the game can draw the image successfully. The fun bit is, the speaker can only use geometric shapes.

Scavenger Hunt is a really fun activity and is also easy to organize. This game can act as a perfect ice breaker for calls. The plan is simple — to have everyone on the Microsoft Teams on a challenge to collect a list of various items in and around the house. The first colleague to be back with the item gains a point or wins.

Get creative and let people have fun scrambling for the items. Find some of the best scavengers hunts. The game challenges a player to act in the virtual meeting to which they must answer truthfully.

If the person passes the challenge, they face a humored consequence. A challenge like sharing the most recent searches on Google can be an interesting truth or dare. As a social deduction game, Werewolf will be more fun if you play with the same team. It may take you a while to learn its rules, will require more coordination, teamwork, and knowledge of the character traits of the players.

We recommend you jump right to it and start to play. Talk of fun and interactive, this game should be top of mind. Virtual talent shows recognize team talent beyond the office performance. Some of them will wow you with their musical abilities, art, or even dance abilities.

In the same way that physical talent parties showcase these abilities, you can also provide an avenue for them to showcase their gifts. Even better, make it a competition and let you vote for the winner. Ready to go all-in on this one?

You can find some top-rated talent shows. Assuming your teammates love a drink, let them learn and become brewers for the day at the comfort of wherever they are. Host them for this minute fun activity making a classic of their preferred cocktail. Of course, for this one, you need an expert brewer to give the live instruction. You want to also communicate the equipment and ingredients the team will need or have them shipped to them.

Check out some of the most incredible Happy Hours. You want to change the rules a bit. Instead of eliminating the last one standing, eliminate the one still dancing when the music stops. To get started, play a classic Spotify playlist and stop at random times.

The Escape Room is fun but beyond that is how effective it is in achieving the common objective of tightening the cooperation between the members. While it requires more time one hour or more and more effort to set up, it is an excellent team building activity on Microsoft Teams.

There are a variety of Escape Room games, you just have to pick right, and it will be worth it. Check out some of the most incredible Escape Rooms. The others will then guess which of the three is a lie. The game goes around until all players have given their statements.

So why not play it to evoke those early memories and create new ones with colleagues. Not everything is boring when playing Virtual Board Games! Things Game is all about topics and talking. Each participant will add topics to the pool. The host will then read the prompt and have the other participants submit their answers. The host will then read the answers, and every participant will guess who said that. Change up the host for the next round, but keep the mechanics to keep things interesting.

Need more Games, check out our directory! This game is a type of puzzle which challenges the players to tell the difference between two closely similar images. Find some of the best Improv Games. Scattergories is one of the easiest games to play on Teams.

Besides, it supports a large group since all your colleagues need is a piece of paper and an appetite to create words. To start with, choose a topic from which words can be drawn, a letter the words have to start with, and watch everyone begin to note related terms. Perhaps one of the most effective games to play on Microsoft Teams.

It encourages your team members to bring their ideas to life using basic symbols and short text. Talk of creativity and fun learning at the same time, this game is it. Browse all you need to know about Visual Thinking. Are you ready to make decisions collectively as a team and see where that leads you? Get started with waffles vs.

The fun with this one becomes better with each round. In this game, the teams are presented with a question; what should we keep in the world: waffles or pancakes?

In the next round, they add a word to contend the winner. This one is all favorite in getting your team members to think critically and solve a mystery. The host starts the game by crafting a creative story that he narrates to the group. As they proceed with the happenings of the thriller, the players must identify who among them is the criminal.

Generally, this game will fit a small group of 6 to Read more about Murder Mysteries. The Guess Who game has been one of the best games on Microsoft Team games.

Together Mode feature has made the game better by displaying the participants with their image in a lecture-hall style. What makes this game extra fun and engaging is having the characters as your coworkers. This virtual game is one of the all-best team building games on Microsoft Teams. It incorporates various elements of social deduction and puzzle-solving skills to encourage teamwork. The spy theme makes it fun and engaging to have all players participating.

So why not go all-in on it and even make it fun by changing the reactions instead of hand gestures. Quite clearly, as you can see, online team building is much different than in-person team building. The platform you use highly determines the experience and extent of fun you and your team will have in your virtual team building.

Microsoft Teams is one of the best platforms to host team building games.



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